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2004 Recipient of the annual Human Rights First (formerly Lawyers Committee For Human Rights) Human Rights Award

2002 Ludovic Trarieux International Human Rights Prize (France) for a lawyer working to promote women’s human rights, awarded jointly by the Human Rights Institute of the Bar of Bordeaux and the European Lawyers Union.

2002 Democracy Award of the National Endowment for Democracy (U.S.), for advancing human rights and democracy.

2002 Hellman/Hammett Grant from Human Rights Watch (International) for a writer who is a target of political persecution.

2001 Vasyl Stus Freedom-to-Write Award of PEN New England (Massachusetts, U.S.), for a writer who has struggled in the face of oppression and brutality to make her voice heard.

2000 PEN/NOVIB Award of the International P.E.N. Club (Netherlands), for writers who have lost their liberty for political and ideological reasons.

2000 Donna Dell’anno Award of the Conseil De Lavallee Consiglio Regionale Della Valle D’aosta (Italy), for persevering in the fight for freedom and the defense of women’s rights.

2000 Latifeh Yarshater Award of the Society for Iranian Studies (U.S.), for the best book on Iranian women.

1975 Forough Faroukhzad Award (Iran), for best article.